February 15, 2019

The 3D’s Mobile Gaming Game Truck!

3D's Mobile Gaming video game truck and trailer in Miami, Florida

3D’s Mobile Gaming has the high-tech equipment and favorite video games that your guests want! This incredible “video game limo on wheels” comes right to you!

Video game truck, game van and trailer in North Miami, Florida


The greatest Birthday Party in all of South Florida!

Looking for the best birthday party idea in Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and across South Florida?  We’ve got it!  3D’s Mobile Gaming brings you our luxury video game theater, with stadium-style seating, climate control, 7 high-definition gaming stations and so much more!  We’ve got the best games, best consoles, laser lights and neon glow!  Awesome sound drives home the fun! The 3D’s Mobile Gaming Game Coach will run your party and keep the fun going while you relax!


Corporate, Promotional and Large Event entertainment in South Florida

3D’s Mobile Gaming has the area’s best entertainment for your corporate or promotional needs! Grand openings, promotional events, company picnics, employee or customer appreciation events,  corporate team building…we do it all, and we come right to your location! We’re self-powered by our own generator, so just tell us where to be and your event will be a smashing success!


School and Church Events, Non-Profit Entertainment in South Florida

We’re bringing the most amazing mobile fun machine to you!  School functions like graduation, prom, lock-in events, student rewards, PTA and PTO events…we make them even more fun and exciting!  Church groups, youth groups, summer camps, fairs and festivals…everybody loves the 3D’s Mobile Gaming video game theater! We put the FUN back in Fundraisers with our game truck that can entertain the whole crowd!

We’ve got Fortnite and Online Gaming!

3D’s Mobile Gaming is proud to offer the interactive fun of online gaming! We have Fortnite Battle Royale and other online games available. (Customer must provide wifi access or high-speed internet connection with modem/router within 200 feet of our game theater.) 

Virtual Reality Gaming!  Get in the game!

3D’s Mobile Gaming has the latest and greatest Virtual Reality Titles! Our Game Coach will immerse your guests in exciting Virtual worlds! Your guests will strap on the VR headset and using the VR controllers, will become part of the game!  Other guests can watch the action on the huge hi-definition screen!  Add Virtual Reality Gaming to your video game party for just $50. (Add during booking.)



The 3D’s Mobile Gaming Video Game Theater features: 

Luxurious Interior 
Our Video Game Theater has a luxurious limo-style interior with high ceilings, neon-lit spaces and comfortable cushioned stadium-style seating. 

Climate Controlled Environment
Regardless of the weather outside, the temperature inside will provide year round comfort! The 3D’s Mobile Gaming Video Game Theater is air conditioned for those hot summer days and heated for chilly times. 

7 High Definition TV Screens
We have 7 high-definition screens so players can enjoy action, dancing, and sports games like Madden Football, FIFA Soccer, NBA Basketball, Minecraft, Just Dance and many more!

Virtual Reality Gaming
Don’t just play the games…get into them! Our Virtual Reality station lets players immerse themselves in virtual worlds where they can battle for “survival” as their friends watch on the big screen! (Additional fee applies.)

The Best Game System Consoles
We have the best game consoles and plenty of wireless controllers for everybody! We’ve got PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, XBox One and Nintendo Switch! 

Online Gaming!
3D’s Mobile Gaming brings the interactive excitement of live online gaming! We have Fortnite Battle Royale and other online games available. (Customer must provide wifi access or high-speed internet connection with modem/router within 200 feet of our game theater.)

Our Game Truck Supports up to 28 Players at once! 
For a full blown multi-player experience, our game theater has 7 gaming stations, supporting up to 28 players. (Outside gaming stations are weather permitting.)  We can rotate players for large groups so everybody gets plenty of time to play!

Our Game Library
We have one of the largest video game libraries available, and it’s always growing. With the most popular video games, and more on the way, your guests will have no problem finding the latest and best games to keep them entertained for hours! 

Surround Sound Audio System
With powerful sound for an immersive experience, our audio system surrounds the players with rich sound. 

Fully Self-Powered
We bring our own ultra-quiet generator to run all our systems. There’s no need to plug in to electricity at your house.


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